A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Blinds

This month, Kingston Blinds are here to share with you our comprehensive guide to cleaning blinds, so no matter the shape, size or material of your blinds, you know exactly what to do to get them looking new again.

Venetian Blinds

Are usually made from wood, PVC or aluminium and these materials can be quite the dust collector. This being said, you need not worry, these can be cleaned relatively easily with a microfibre cloth, but if you haven’t got one to hand, a sock will suffice. Simply wipe each slat on both sides and work you way through the whole lot. After you have removed the loose layer of dust. Slightly wet your cloth or sock with warm water and repeat (but only if your blinds are PVC or aluminium).

For wooden slatted blinds, use a soft vacuum attachment to remove any loose dust, alternatively use a microfiber cloth. Next, wipe the slats with lemon oil or a good quality wood preservative to enhance the shine of your blinds. Ensure that you wipe your wooden blinds dry after cleaning them.

Roman Blinds

With folded blinds such as Roman blinds, it can be hard keeping the dust at bay. To clean them, use a soft vacuum attachment to remove any stubborn dust that has settled amongst the material fibres of the blinds.

If your Roman blinds are stained, dampen a cloth and gently rub the affected area. If you need a little extra something to help lift the stain, try adding the smallest amount of mild soap. Don’t scrub too hard when trying to remove the stain because you might end up having very clean patches, making the rest of the material look dirty.

Roller Blinds

Firstly, remove your roller blinds from the bracket and lay the roller blinds on the floor. Using a soft vacuum attachment, remove the visible dust and dirt. If your blinds still look like they could do with a good clean, submerge them in a bath of lukewarm water and a small amount of mild detergent to help lift any hardy dirt or stains that remain. Keep them in the bath for a couple of hours, then go back to wipe them down. Drain the water, rinse the blinds and allow to dry on a drying rack.

Pleated Blinds

Vacuum pleated blinds first to remove any dirt and dust that has accumulated in each fold of the fabric. When vacuuming your blinds, use the brush attachment for best results. Lightly run the vacuum head across and down your blinds. For any stubborn stains or marks, you may want to try using a damp sponge, rubbing the marks gently in a circular motion to help lift and remove them. Try to avoid using any fabric conditioner as this can cause more problems than it will solve. Your alternative would be a spray foam that’s made for upholstery like pleated blinds, and it is much kinder to the material. When wiping down your blinds, make sure to do the whole thing to avoid patchy spots.

Vertical Blinds

These blinds do not require regular maintenance because of their design – they don’t tend to capture dust and dirt the same way that pleated blinds do, for example. However, this being said, vertical blinds do need a little TLC every now and then. For the material, simply unhook each slat and wipe down with a damp cloth.

The headrail needs more care. To ensure that the operation is flawless, it’s important to wipe clean and spray with a silicone spray to keep the mechanism well lubricated.

Wooden Blinds

Run your soft vacuum brush along each wooden slat carefully and do this on the underside too. To preserve your blinds and increase the shine of the wood, you may wish to apply lemon oil or wood preservative. Not only is it wood friendly but it is also a natural disinfectant, too.

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