Are Tapes or Cords Better for Wooden Venetian Blinds?

If you’ve settled on wooden Venetian blinds for your room; congratulations, you’ve made an excellent choice. No matter the colour or the material, Venetian blinds are a beautiful addition to properties of all types and ages, offering excellent light and privacy control. However, there’s something else that needs to be decided when it comes to your Venetian blinds; tapes or cords? By this we mean whether you opt for cords or tapes running down the blind, making it tilt and turn as you wish. In this article, the team at Kingston Blinds will run through the features of cords and tapes to help you make your decision.


On paper, the idea of tape running down your blinds can be quite a confusing one, but in reality, tape for your Venetian blinds is an attractive, effective method of styling and controlling your window dressing. The tape itself is available in a range of colours, so whether you’d like a bit of contrast or you’d prefer your tapes to blend into the colour of your blinds, both bases are covered.

Of course, the choice will ultimately come down to your tastes, but one added benefit of this style is the way it neatly partitions the blind into ‘sections’, providing a clean, aesthetically pleasing look.

The tape also covers the holes in the slats that the cords pass through; this doesn’t mean they block them off, rather that they block the little gaps that allow chinks of light through – this may well be appealing to people who want a solid appearance in each slat.


Put simply, to choose cords for your blinds is to choose an absence of tapes. This means that the cords appear as they are; a minimalist, more traditional look that will suit various interior designs. These often look very impressive in larger windows where a plain, simple look is desired.

If you’d like your blinds to have a little extra character, then taped blinds may well be for you. The variety of colours available means you can have accented wooden blinds or opt for a uniform style with the symmetry provided by the tapes. For those who’d like a cleaner look – perhaps those with larger windows – choosing cords is a great option, providing a minimalist, simple appearance that still shows quality.

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