Best Blinds for Skylight Windows in Loft Conversions

Skylight blinds
Nowadays, loft conversions and skylight windows go hand in hand. The slanted glass panels of skylight windows put the finishing touches to a loft conversion – transforming it from a loft ‘space’ into a livable room.

Skylight windows are often large, and thus have a commanding influence over the ‘feel’ of a room. In order to have full control over light and heat, it’s important that these windows are dressed with the right blinds.

For the best experience, skylight window blinds should aim to fit the following criteria:

– Optimum light control

– Optimum heat control

– Easy to operate

– Fits the windows correctly

This article is going to look at the various types of blinds that match this criteria and explore which of these work well as a functional, aesthetic and inexpensive way to polish off the room.

Roller blinds
Skylight blinds
Roller blinds offer the simplest design. Their discrete aesthetic can often be a benefit when dressing windows of such a large size. When raised, they invite natural light to pour into the room. When lowered, they offer a single coloured panel that can blend seamlessly with the room’s interior design.

Roller blinds are easy to operate and, by taking advantage of our perfect fit option, they can be fixed to the window flawlessly. They are great for those looking to dress their windows on a budget, but unlike other blinds styles comprised of slats, roller blinds won’t offer the same premium levels of light and heat control.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds extend down in a similar fashion to roller blinds, but offer a little more advanced functionality when it comes to controlling light and heat. The material is a little thinner, leading to some light still filtering through even when the blinds are down. This can be beneficial for a working environment – allowing a little natural light to boost productivity without the problems of glare on any screens. If your windows are in a bedroom, however, you can opt for pleated blinds with a blackout fabric. This style completely shuts out any light when the blind is extended, meaning you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The extra benefit of pleated blinds is that the honeycomb variety have been designed to trap air between the pleats. This provides an insulating effect that helps to keep the room warm. Having extra insulation will also reduce the need to keep on artificial heating, benefitting the world as well as your wallet.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds feature adjustable slats, giving you a spectrum of light control that can be easily operated using a stylish wand. Being able to adjust the slats is a significant benefit, as it offers a much wider range of light filtering options.

While the light control is good, Venetian blinds aren’t as great at heat control as pleated blinds, as they don’t offer any significant insulation functions. They are moisture resistant, however, so would be highly practical if you are choosing to put them in a bathroom.

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