Blinding Inspiration: Which Blinds are Best for Large Windows?

Blinds are a fantastic choice for large windows. They provide privacy, a stylish look and control of how much light filters into your home. However, we understand that different windows have different needs and so we’ve compiled a handy guide to highlight which blinds are best suited to all the different types of large windows in your home.

Bi-fold doors
Bi-folding blinds
The stylish folding design of bi-fold doors make them excellent entryways to lead out into the garden. Consequently, bi-fold doors typically feature large, almost borderless windows to provide an unrestricted view of the outside space. Blinds for these types of large windows must prioritise taking up minimal space and not hinder the view of the outside when retracted. We believe pleated blinds compliment bi-fold doors perfectly. Their design means they’re capable of being completely drawn up to the top of the window, and they can be fitted to the exact size of the window so that there’s no overlap – even with really thin borders.

Floor to ceiling windows
floor to ceiling blinds
There are not many things more striking than windows that stretch entirely from floor to ceiling. These windows are unapologetically large and any blinds that seek to cover them will need to be compliment the room beautifully whilst also producing easy access to both light and privacy. Vertical blinds have been intelligently engineered so that they diffuse light whilst still making a room feel warm and enriching. The slats are vertical instead of horizontal and thus accentuate the height of your windows. The elegant, hanging fabric changes angle with a simple turn of the cord, providing the user a quick and easy change between a wonderful view and subtle privacy.

Conservatory windows
conservatory blinds
With so much window area to cover, it’s vitally important you get the right blinds for your conservatory, as these will drastically alter the entire look and feel of the space. Conservatory blinds need to serve the purpose of not only providing privacy but also inhibiting damaging heat and UV rays. Our conservatory blinds feature solar control fabric that deflect harmful rays from the sun. This fabric can be used in a variety of colours, patterns and designs, so you can style your conservatory to match your taste.

Bay Windows
bay window blinds
The unique three dimensional look of bay windows make them perfect to host aesthetic blinds. Simple, single coloured slate blinds such as perfect fit blinds will leave the bay windows looking colourful from all angles. These blinds are also completely opaque, which is fitting for windows which stretch outwards from the house. Perfect Fit blinds will deter any passersby from being able to peer through the extended structure, allowing you to maintain your privacy whilst adding a burst of colour to the room.

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