Finish Your Spring Clean with Conservatory Blinds, Ready for Summer

conservatory blinds
This month we’re starting to see blue skies and hints of sunshine that indicate winter is most definitely behind us. While this can cause some conservatory owners to rejoice at the prospect of long, warm days relaxing in their sun traps, for many conservatory owners, the intense heat and glare can actually make their conservatories uncomfortable.

Conservatory blinds are the perfect solution to all weather related problems, and can make the area comfortable and cosy year round. If you have yet to purchase your conservatory blinds, we’ve got all the information you need on the benefits of the specialised window coverings.

Why choose specialised conservatory blinds?

conservatory blinds

You may be wondering why you need to purchase a specially designed conservatory blind rather than installing a cheaper, readymade blind. There are many reasons why you need to opt for a specialised conservatory blind, but the main reason is that finding a blind to fit your conservatory’s unique shape will be very difficult.

Budget blinds are only constructed in the most common window sizes, which means that you’ll struggle to find a blind substantial enough to fit the large portions of glass in your conservatory, and if you were to find a suitable fit, it is unlikely that the blind will fit seamlessly and look good. Specially designed conservatory blinds are also designed with the specific insulation and glare reducing conditions a conservatory requires, offering a superior service to cheaper blinds.

The benefits of insulation

Insulation is often thought of as a winter necessity, helping you to keep the heat inside your home, however the science behind how insulation keeps the heat from escaping your home also works in reverse and can help keep the warm out of your home, when needed. A quality insulating blind will prevent sunrays from travelling through your window and heating up the room, thereby reducing solar gain and helping to keep your conservatory cooler for longer.

Also, if you are using fans or air conditioning to lower the temperature of your conservatory, an insulating blind will help keep the refreshing coolness locked inside your home rather than escaping out of the window. So, in hot summer months, you can monitor the temperature of your conservatory much closer and keep your home comfortable.

Reducing glare

Another huge problem with conservatories in summer can be the glare from the sun reflecting off any screens in the room or getting in your eyes. Conservatory blinds are designed to operate easily to negate this issue, with either the slats being able to be tilted or lowered to provide shading, without blocking out all of the natural light. This is also hugely beneficial if your conservatory is overlooked – you can close your blinds for more privacy and still have a light and airy space to relax in.

Improved aesthetics

conservatory blinds

Finally, conservatory blinds can be a great additional design element. Available in different colours and materials, your selection can add a finishing touch to the room that makes it even more welcoming. By opting for specially designed conservatory blinds and having them installed by expert fitters, you are also ensuring a flawless, neat fitting that looks elegant and understated.

Kingston Blinds stock conservatory blinds in a range of beautiful materials, styles and colours, so we’re confident we have the perfect addition to your home. All of our products are constructed to our exacting standards and measured and fit by industry experts to ensure a perfect fitting and a high quality, long-lasting product. For more information on any of our products or services, get in contact with one of our friendly advisors today. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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