Getting Creative this Christmas with Old Blinds and Shutters

Making Christmas decorations out of old blinds and shutters
If you’re thinking of replacing your blinds or shutters, or if you’ve done it recently and still have your old window dressings lying around, don’t throw them into the bin just yet. There’s plenty of things you can do with your old blinds and shutters, and in this article, the team at Kingston Blinds are going to look at the best ideas.

Gift bags

This works for both roller and slat-based blinds. If you have unwanted roller blinds, then their canvas material makes for the perfect gift bag. With a bit of sewing handiwork and some creative flair, you can make some lovely gift bags to fill with treats for your loved ones, or you can give the bags themselves to people for them to fill with presents.

Your old blind slats can be woven together to make gift bags or a gift box to hold presents in. The slats are deceptively strong, so you needn’t worry about your DIY project coming apart.

Picture frames

With a bit of glue and some decorative materials, your old blind slats can be turned into a picture frame! The first task is to arrange and secure the slats into a frame shape, and then once secured you can start decorating. Consider using fabric to cover the slats for an attractive, simple finish, or channel your inner artist and paint the slats to achieve the look you want.


Why not craft your old slats into decorations? From simple stars and links to hanging pieces of the slats on your tree, these little touches can go a long way towards making your living room look festive.

A Christmas tree

You can even make your own Christmas tree with your old blinds! This option requires the most patience and handiwork, but the results can be truly stunning. Using the rail of your blinds as the tree ‘trunk’ and by fixing slats to the ‘trunk’ at branch-like angels, you can create an abstract, unique Christmas tree. It can be adorned with baubles and tinsel just like a normal tree, but now you don’t have to worry about clearing up pine needles.

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