How Blinds Can Reduce Your Pollen Allergies This Summer

allergiesWhile a lot of us are rejoicing at the longer, warmer days that summer brings, some of the population are starting to dread the return of the summer months. Pollen counts are much higher over summer, which means hay fever sufferers are beginning to feel the tell-tale symptoms that their allergies are returning. Blinds can actually work to reduce your pollen allergies and lead to a more comfortable and undisturbed night’s sleep, so the team here at Kingston Blinds have put together some of our top tips to help you out.

Choose the Right Blind Style

Slatted blinds such as vertical blinds, twist/vision blinds and Venetian blinds are dust traps, which means that they are much more likely to gather pollen and initiate an allergy attack. Blinds that have lots of material are also a bad choice as they are harder to clean and are more likely to collect dust, so we wouldn’t recommend Roman blinds or pleated blinds. Swap the blinds you have a for sleek roller blinds, which has less material and folds that can collect dust, and you’re sure to see some respite from your hay fever.

Look for Insulating Qualities

A cooler climate will make your allergies more bearable, but we’re not suggesting you move to the North Pole. Instead, choose a thick blind that is made out of an insulating material, as this will allow you to reduce thermal gain and keep the cooler air in your home for longer.

Ventilate your Room

You will need to open your window slightly to allow the room to cool and ventilate the air in your home. While doing this, keep your blind drawn to act as an insulator, and to prevent pollen, dust and debris that can trigger an allergy attack from getting into the room. Remember to close your windows early in the mornings and evenings when pollen count is particularly high to reduce the chance of a bout of hay fever.

Clean your Blinds Regularly

Don’t forget to clean your blinds regularly, otherwise pollen and dust will build up. Again, we’d suggest a roller blind as it is quick and easy to clean, simply requiring a wipe with a damp cloth or an electrostatic cloth to remove surface dust. Avoid using a feather duster or a dry cloth as these aren’t effective at collecting dust, they simply disperse the dust, which can actually make your allergies worse – dust can remain airborne for several hours!


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