How do you Measure Blinds for a Traditional Angled Bay Window?

blackout bay window blindsBay windows are a beautiful addition to any home, offering beautiful views and allows natural sunlight to enter your home. A highly desirable feature, the bay window can also add value to your home, as the large window creates the illusion of additional space and also offers great versatility, as the area around the window can be used for a variety of uses such as a TV stand or bespoke furniture. Measuring for traditional-angled bay windows may seem daunting, but we’ve created an easy to follow guide so you can get perfectly-fitted blinds for your bay window.

What you’ll need:

– A pencil

– A metal tape measure (for accuracy)

– A ruler

– Some strong pieces of card to make notes on

Step 1

The amount of room to leave around the bracket will be dependant on which style of blind you choose; Some blinds are much thicker than others and need more room to be able to operate properly. For this very reason, there will always be areas of the glass that aren’t covered by the blinds. This will be more obvious if you’re thinking about installing blackout blinds.

Take two pieces of card and measure 10cm, marking a line every centimetre on both pieces of card. Put the side of the cards that starts at zero against the window frame, then move the cards towards each other until the two points of measurement you need meet. Here are the following measuring points needed for various types of blinds:

Top fix roller blinds – 4.5cm

Face fix roller blinds – 6.5cm

Venetian blinds – 5.5cm

Roman blinds – 4.5cm

Aluminium blinds – 3cm

Wooden blinds – 5cm

Vertical blinds – 6.5cm

Step 2

Whilst the cards are at the desired measurement point, mark with a pencil where the card edge is placed on the side of the card that touches the window frame. These points will give you the width measurements for your new blinds. Repeat the process for each window, then use a measuring tape to measure between the points marked by the pencil.

Step 3

Now it’s time to measure the length of the window. We recommend taking three measurements to ensure the utmost accuracy. Make note of the smallest measurement you get and use this number as the ‘drop’ measurement when ordering your new blinds.

Now it’s time to order your brand new blinds which will fit perfectly in your angled bay window, giving a fresh look to your room.

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