How to Create Your Very own Movie Theatre with Blinds This Christmas

Christmas isn’t Christmas without settling down and watching your favourite holiday movie for the 537th time. This year, why not make it a little more special by creating your very own movie theatre using nothing but the high quality products available at Kingston Blinds? This can easily be done with a little creativity and perseverance — and today we’re going to tell you how.

Blackout blinds
blackout blinds
A movie theatre isn’t a movie theatre if it isn’t immensely dark. Light filtering in from the windows can compromise the picture quality of your movie by skewing the contrast and distorting the image. Blackout blinds are the perfect option for keeping your movie theatre dark; they incorporate a thick lining of darkened fabric that prevents light from seeping through. The result is a truly dark room that prevents glare, enhances viewing quality and creates the perfect film-watching ambience.

Roller blinds
roller blinds
When people think of creating a homemade movie theatre, many are concerned about splashing out on an expensive projector screen. However, the perfect canvas for a projector screen can be made entirely out of blinds! Choosing blinds without slats, such as roller blinds, provides a perfectly smooth canvas capable of projecting a movie onto flawlessly. Here at Kingston Blinds we can offer you roller blinds in any size you want, allowing you to obtain the projector screen perfectly suited to the specifications of your new theatre. Whether you want an intimate feel or a large, cinematic experience, we can provide the solution.

Fabric colour

Colour can be just as important as style and fabric when using blinds to create a movie theatre. If using roller blinds as a projector, we highly recommend opting for a plain, white colour, as this will provide you with a high-quality projection.

In contrast, the blinds you choose to black out the room should, of course, be black. This will help absorb light and keep from any colour shining on and distorting your movie.

Electric blinds
motorised blinds
For a premium theatre experience, we recommend choosing blinds that can be operated remotely. Typical movie theatres use projector screens that can be remotely extended down or retracted up. Electric blinds will mimic this and provide you with a true-to-life movie theatre experience.

This can also be incorporated in the window blinds. Imagine settling down in a comfortable seat before using a remote to bring down all the window blinds in unison. This will save you a lot of time, no longer having to manually wind down each window blind individually, and will offer a genuine, premium movie theatre feel.

Here at Kingston Blinds, we’re always bursting with ideas on how you can get creative with window blinds. With a huge range of blinds on offer that can be customised by colour, fabric or style, there’s no limit to the transformations you can make to a room. We even offer a bespoke service, providing blinds that fit exactly to the specifications of your windows. If you want to enquire further, give our friendly team a call today on 01482407319.

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