How to stop your cat from destroying your blinds

catscat in blinds
Cats: Adorable fluffy balls of goodness one day, and maniacal demons of destruction the next. If you’ve come home to find your cat perching innocently next to a mangled pile of your lovely new blinds – you wouldn’t be the first. Cats are naturally drawn to windows; they like to bask in the warmth of the sun and seek out small birds as potential prey. Cats also love to play, and unfortunately nothing is more inviting to a cat than a cable or two dangling from your blinds. Luckily, we’re going to tell you the ways to prevent your cat from tearing up your blinds and keep your your home looking stylish.

Leaving the blinds up

Cats feel frustrated around blinds. They seek to look outside but find their view hampered by the restrictive panels. A simple solution to this is to raise your blinds to a height in which most of your window is still covered, but a small space remains where your cat can perch and stare out.

Alternative blinds

If you need the blinds to be all the way down for privacy reasons, consider installing a different type of blind. Blinds comes in a huge variety of materials and styles and some of these will be much more effective against the slashing of your cat’s claws. Instead of typical horizontal metal blinds, try using vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are less restrictive and allow your cat to find its way to the window with much less force. Alternatively, wooden blinds are much sturdier than metal blinds and act as much better protection to clawing and biting.

Citrus spray

The fragrant smell of lemons and oranges is pleasant to most people. However, cats actually harbour a particular dislike to the smell and will often be repelled from an area when they come into contact with it. Consequently, spraying a bit of a citrus around or onto your blinds is not only a good way to keep the cat away but will also leave your home smelling fresh.

Wrap cords onto cleats

Dangling cords are a treat for most cats. They find a lot of joy in hitting them and watching them swing back and forth. Not only can this cause damage to the cords but can also be dangerous to your cat if they get tangled up in them. A safe way to combat this is to wrap the cords around a cleat and out of reach from your pets when you’re not using them. Alternatively, cordless blinds are an available option.

Scratching alternatives

Cats like to scratch things as it provides them with a great release of tension. Stopping your cat from scratching altogether can do more harm than good, and so it can be a wise idea to provide it with a new treat to claw at instead. Installing a scratching post in your home is a great way to keep your cat occupied and reduce the time it spends at the window.

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