Innovative Ideas for Blinds: DIY Projector Screens

Creating a home theatre or a games room does not have to be expensive or difficult. In just a few easy steps you can create a projector screen from a good quality, blackout blind so that you can project your favourite films or games onto it. Here is how to do it.


Choosing the right blind

For the best results you would need to invest in a high quality blind. The best kind for a project like this is a white, blackout roller blind. Choosing a white coloured blackout blind means the projected film or game will be easily visible once the lights in the room are dimmed.

Roller blinds are also the best choice as once the blind, or screen, is lowered there are no joins in the fabric which could affect viewing quality, and of course, it can be easily and neatly rolled away when not in use.

The size of the blind is important. Your projector should give you the dimensions of the projected images at different distances from the screen, so it’s best to work out the optimal position and then assess the size of blind you’ll need. If you get a blind that is even slightly too small, you’ll lose some of the projected image.

Once you have the dimensions, give the team at Kingston Blinds a call and they will be able to custom make the perfect sized, white, blackout blind for your new screen.


Blind mechanisms

For the ultimate hint of luxury for your new roller blind screen, you can choose a motor for your blind so that you can control it at the touch of a button. This will allow you to roll away your blind and store your projector screen until the next time you are ready to use it.

If you choose to retain the manual mechanism for lowering the blind, we recommend that you choose cord operation, and fit a cord tidy, so the cord can be tied up and away when the blind is not in use. Not only will this look neater, it will also remove any hazards related to children or pets getting tangled in the cord when it’s loose.


Installing your projector screen

It is now time to hang your newly created projector screen. You will probably want to hang the projector screen on a wall or even from the ceiling, and because you’ll want it to be discreet when rolled away, we recommend that you have a professional expertly install the blind. That way you can be sure of a level, reliable and tidy finish.

Now the whole family is ready to start using the projector screen to watch films and play video games together.

If you would like any advice on the perfect blind for your new projector screen, simply contact the team at Kingston Blinds today. We’ll be happy to recommend the right blind for the job and take care of the measuring and fitting for a hassle free, convenient service.


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