Keep Warm this Winter with Shutters


Plummeting temperatures see many homeowners cranking up the heating a few notches, Consequently, battling the winter weather is an expensive task. One way to soften the blow is to install window shutters, as this investment can bring you noticeable savings on your energy bills. Up to 25% of heat in your house in lost via the windows, so creating an insulative barrier between the glass and the interior is a key step to combat the winter chills. But why are shutters so effective? Check out our article below on how you can keep warm this winter with shutters.

How do shutters keep your house warm?

There are many actions you can take to fight the cold climate, such as wall insulation, loft insulation, and double glazing. Installing window shutters can offer an extra dimension of protection by thermally insulating your vulnerable glass windows. And with fantastic user control, the slats can easily be adjusted to either open, closed and partially open depending on the time of day. This allows you the option of opening the slats during the day so the winter sun can filter through to warm your interior. When night falls, you can then close the slats to keep in the heat.

Glass does not retain heat well. Shutters are often thicker than curtains and essentially boost your windows’ thickness value to the status of double or triple glazing. An insulative layer of air is trapped between the shutters and the glass, helping to maintain a pleasant temperature within the house.

Wooden shutters are particularly effective at retaining heat, as wood is a material that possesses natural insulative properties; wooden shutters can reduce heat loss by almost 50%. This material also has a stylish, yet rustic aesthetic that will suit any home.

Other benefits of shutters

The slatted design of shutters allow for better air circulation than curtains can offer. This means that the likelihood of condensation, damp and mould formation is reduced.

Shutters boast the double advantage of not only keeping your home warm in winter, but also keeping it cool in summer, saving you money on your air conditioning bills in the hotter seasons.

If you have furniture or pictures that are easily damaged by sunlight, shutters allow you to control the light filtration into the room, reducing its intensity and preserving your belongings.

Sometimes your family may require privacy, whilst still wanting a decent amount of light entering the home. Shutter slats can happily cater for this need.

Wooden shutters also possess little-known sound insulation abilities, helping to block out any street noises.

If you lead a busy life, you may be searching for a low maintenance option for your window dressings. Shutters only require a quick wipe down every week or two, as this is enough to keep them in good shape.

wooden shutters

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