Keeping Out the Cold With Heat Retaining Blinds

Keeping out the heat with blinds

With winter in full swing and the cold weather biting at every possible opportunity, talking about window blinds can seem futile – there’s not exactly an abundance of sunlight to deal with at the moment. However, heat-retaining blinds are here to help you stay warm at home whilst providing the style you get with traditional ones.

Also known as thermal blinds, they excel at keeping heat in a room, whether that’s a living room, a bedroom or even a loft space. No matter the type of window you need them for, Kingston Blinds are able to provide made-to-measure thermal blinds to suit.



The fabric of your blind, unsurprisingly, plays a key role in its thermal efficiency. Aside from the specially-designed thermal blinds, opting for a thicker fabric will help you enjoy heat-retention benefits – roller blinds are particularly good for this, thanks to their one-piece format.



Designed to completely shut out light, blackout blinds are also great for keeping heat in. These are particularly useful for bedrooms, as they can ensure you’re not disturbed by street lights or the morning sun when you’re trying to have a lie in. You may want to opt for a blind that has a reflective colour – such as white – on one side, and a dark colour on another. The dark colour can keep heat in and the bright colour can reflect light away.


Duoshade Thermal Blinds

Our range of duoshade thermal blinds is ideal for the customer looking for the perfect combination of form and function. Available in a range of colours, as well as cord and cordless varieties, these blinds keep your room warm in the colder months as well as keeping out the glare of the sun.


Roller Blinds

roller blinds

Roller blinds are the ideal format for thermal window dressings. As they consist of a solid piece of fabric, there’s no need to worry about light sneaking in or heat sneaking out through gaps between slats. What’s more, with a huge range of colours, designs and patterns available, you needn’t have to compromise on your aesthetic tastes to benefit from effective thermal blinds.

By using thermal blinds, you get the same benefits of normal blinds but you also get to save money on your heating bills thanks to their effective insulation properties. At Kingston Blinds, we’re proud to supply the finest made-to-measure blinds of varying styles, colours and designs to customers throughout Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. From roller blinds to perfect fit pleated blinds, we’ve got the products you need and we’ve got the skill and experience to install them perfectly in your property.

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