Keeping Warm This Winter With Blinds

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Choosing the right blinds for your home can greatly improve the thermal properties of your windows and help keep your home warm. However, with so many types of blinds on the market, it can be difficult to know which blinds are the most energy efficient, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you make the right choice and keep your house warm this winter.

Do Blinds Make a Difference to the Temperature of my Home?

Yes, blinds can help keep your home significantly warmer. 10% of the heat in your home is lost through your windows and simply installing a good window treatment can notably reduce this heat loss.

Which Blinds Work?

Some blinds have more thermal properties than others so, whilst all blinds will offer a degree of heat retention, don’t be fooled into believing that they all have the same levels of insulation. Choose a blind that’s made out of a good insulating material, such as wood, or is made out of thick fabric or layers of materials. Blinds that work include:

– Wooden shutters

– Roman blinds

– Blackout blinds

– Pleated blinds

– Wooden blinds

It is worth noting that if you are choosing a slatted blind, you must fully close the blind for it to insulate your windows effectively.

Avoid metal or vinyl blinds as they do not offer much insulation and therefore won’t be as beneficial in keeping your home as warm as the options mentioned above.

Insulate your Conservatory

conservatory blinds

Your conservatory is constructed almost entirely out of glass and so can be a source of huge heat loss in your home. In conservatories, the majority of the heat lost is through the roof, so invest in some specialised conservatory blinds to stop heat exiting your home here.

If you’re in need of high-quality conservatory blinds, look no further than Kingston Blinds. our range are manufactured from the best quality materials and mechanisms, and are fitted to the precise measurements of your conservatory to provide the highest level of insulation.

Perfect Fit

perfect fit blinds
To really make the most out of your new blinds, ask us about our perfect fit blinds. Measured to within millimetres of accuracy and installed directly into your window frame rather than attached around the outside, these blinds prevent drafts from entering your home around the sides of the blind and prevents heat leaving the same way, making for a much more effective insulator.

Kingston Blinds are home to an extensive host of high-quality blinds. Our selection offers an impressive variety of colours and styles, all made from the finest materials to produce superior blinds. Our expert fitters are friendly and proficient, getting your new blinds perfectly installed in no time. For more information on our selection, or to obtain a free quotation, contact us here.

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