Looking Back: Blind Trends 2015

With December now closing in and 2015 coming to an end, we thought we’d dedicate this blog post to looking back over the year’s top trends for interior decorating that we’ve witnessed here at Kingston Blinds.

Spring / Summer

The Spring/Summer trends seemed to focus on bringing colour and patterns into our homes to rejuvenate from the dreary winter months.
pastel shade blinds
Muted pastels were hugely popular early on in the year, with different shades of pinks and blues being used to add warmth and life to the decor. Our favourite way of incorporating this trend into your home was colour blocking; a process that saw multiple pastel colours being applied in large areas, producing a striking effect. This technique is definitely a way to introduce colours normally out-of-bounds into your home in a more grown up way!

If pastels aren’t your thing, you could have opted for striking colours and bold, geometric patterns to create a focus piece in your decor. This theme was reminiscent of the ‘80s and opting for a busy focus wall is a great way to update a room without having to fully redecorate.


Autumn / Winter

After the colour infused Spring /Summer trends, Autumn/Winter saw a more reserved approach that oozed class and sophistication.

Gothic Florals:

Differing from the large, bright floral patterns that we saw in S/S, the A/W trend opted for more gothic florals, focusing on darker reds and greens and intricate floral designs. Again, this style worked perfectly as a focal feature and produced a much more traditional interior style.

White/Scandinavian Style:

scandinavian style blinds
Scandinavian style decor was immensely popular this year, with many being drawn to the sleek, clean lines and crisp colour palette. Whites worked well as an overall colour scheme, perhaps with odd pieces of colour – or even black key pieces for a monochrome design –  thrown into the decor every now and again. In order to stop their rooms looking too clinical, our customers were drawn to pearly whites or whites hinted with pinks or blues to give the room a luxurious sheen.


A trend that worked well as both a clashing feature with gothic florals or as an accentuating piece of the white/Scandinavian style, metallics were hugely popular in the later half of the year.


Which Blinds?

2015 has been an incredibly versatile year for the blind market, with the many beautiful trends allowing homeowners to try a blind style that they may never have previously considered. Here at Kingston Blinds, we’ve found roller blinds to be extremely popular, owing to their versatility and huge range of colours, whilst Roman blinds were a popular choice for those opting for floral or bold patterns. The focus on Scandinavian interior drew large audiences to our range of white shutters as a perfect finishing touch, with wooden blinds being another popular choice for the trend.

Looking Ahead

The team at Kingston Blinds are already looking ahead to S/S 2016 interior trends, and we’re excited for you to see our fantastic range of blinds to help you incorporate the trends into your home!

Kingston Blinds have a range of on-trend blinds to suit any budget. Our expert team are friendly and proficient, aiming to match each customer with their perfect blind as quickly and as stress-free as possible. For more information our range of products, contact us here and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements one-on-one.

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