Made to Measure Blinds: What are Home Visits and Why should I have One?

A new year means a new start, and many people are choosing to revamp their home to create a fresh new environment for 2019. Purchasing and installing new blinds is a great way to modernise the home, but taking on the task yourself — especially the measuring process — is not recommended. We always suggest taking advantage of a home visit by a professional — especially if the service is free. Home visits are going to be the subject of our article today. We’re going to explain what exactly a home visit is, what they entail and how your home can benefit from this vital service.

What is a home visit?

A ‘home visit’ refers to a visit to your home by one of the specialists from a blinds company. The purpose of this is to assess and measure your windows, as well as offer advice and guidance about which blinds are most suitable for you. Some blinds companies charge for this service, but here at Kingston Blinds we offer home visits to all our customers absolutely free of charge.

Why is this service free?

We’re in the business of providing our customers with the best blinds they can get. Our free home visits are an important step in facilitating that goal, and by offering it to our customers completely free of charge we can ensure we deliver the best possible products to you.

What does a home visit actually entail?

Our home visits begin with one of our friendly specialists driving down to your home at a time that fits best into your schedule. They will take a look at the windows/doors you wish to be covered with new blinds and they will note down any issues or irregularities that may need to be taken into consideration.

The specialist will then measure your windows and doors with pinpoint accuracy using state-of-the-art measuring techniques. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions or gain any advice. As the specialist is able to see your interior design and windows first-hand, they’ll be able to provide guidance on which blind styles, function and design they believe would be most suitable for you.

Finally, once you’ve confirmed your desired product, the specialist will return to us with all necessary measurements and notes and we will create your blind to your exact requirements. The specialist will then return to your home once this is completed and install your finished product — also completely free of charge.

What are the benefits? Why can’t I just do it myself?

Measuring yourself is not as easy as it seems. Even being off by the tiniest of amounts can leave your blinds askew and bring down the aesthetic of your room as a whole. Our professionals are industry experts and can measure and install blinds with precision. We believe it is these unrivalled levels of accuracy that provide the best blinds results.

In addition, we’re manufacturers. Our measuring service helps to facilitate our manufacturing process and provide you with the best results. Measuring is only half the battle, if you measure your windows yourself and find that the dimensions are slightly unorthodox, you may struggle to find blinds that perfectly suit. By measuring and then manufacturing ourselves, we can create blinds from any type or dimensions of window. Hence you can always be certain of receiving the best fitting blinds on the market, perfectly tailored to your exact size, material, style, colour and design requirements.

Here at Kingston Blinds, we always create our blinds with you in mind. As professional manufacturers and fitters, we take all requests on board, creating a blind that’s perfectly tailored to your every requirement. Our specialist team will give you a free home visit to facilitate this service, before returning once again to install the finished product. To enquire about our services and arrange a free home visits, give our friendly team a call today on 01482 407 319.

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