Make the Most of Your Conservatory This Summer with Perfect Fit Blinds

conservatory blinds

A conservatory is a wonderful addition to any home, increasing the property’s living space and storage space in a practical and cost effective way. Conservatories can be used year round, whether it’s to catch some sun, unwind with a book or host friends and family, but in order to make the most out of your conservatory and make it as comfortable as possible, you need to purchase the right blinds.

Perfect fit blinds are a fantastic option for use in the conservatory, and in this article we’ll present just some of the reasons why we think they’re the best choice.
Excellent lighting control

Perfect fit blinds are often slatted, which means that you can turn and adjust the slats to offer varying levels of shade, completely retract the blind to allow maximum light infiltration or you can fully close the blind if you’d prefer a shaded environment. Because of the precise installation of perfect fit blinds you will have optimal control over lighting as there will be no annoying gaping around the side of the frames that can allow light into the room even when the blinds are closed. This means that over the bright summer months, you can have more control over the conditions of your conservatory to make it more comfortable.
Good insulation

Good insulation is vitally important in a conservatory as it helps you control the temperature in the room much easier, keeping it cool and refreshing in the hot summer months or cosy and warm in the cold winter months. Perfect fit blinds offer high levels of insulation thanks to their very precise fitting which prevents solar gain during summer and heat loss in winter.

One of the biggest advantages of perfect fit blinds over normal blinds is that perfect fit blinds still allow full functionality of doors and windows, even while the blinds are drawn. Unlike normal blinds, perfect fit blinds are slotted into the individual window frames, rather than into the entire window recess. This means that handles on doors and windows are still accessible and the windows and doors can be opened without interfering with the blind’s mechanism. This makes these blinds a perfect choice for those times when you’d like to open windows, or your conservatory door, for a cooling breeze or breath of fresh air but don’t want to compromise on shading or privacy.
Aesthetic appeal

Another reason so many homeowners opt for perfect fit blinds in their conservatories is down to aesthetic appeal. Not only are perfect fit blinds available in a range of colours, styles and materials, but the precise installation and individual window coverings give perfect fit blinds a very neat, sleek look that is perfect for conservatories. While other blinds can look bulky or cumbersome in conservatories, which can ruin the overall appearance of the room, perfect fit blinds offer a neutral, slimline and appealing look that will help emphasise the light, airy feel of the conservatory.

If you’d like some more ideas for the best blinds for your home, why not take a look at our inspiration pages where we’ve put together some ideas of the most suited blinds for each room in your home.
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