Shutters Debate: Wooden or PVC? Which is best?

All too quickly, curtains can start to look old and tired and patterns or fabrics can soon go out of date. Window shutters, or plantation shutters as they are also known, are an excellent alternative, custom-made to fit your home. If you decide to change your interior décor and go for window shutters, there is a further decision to be made: do you purchase shutters made of wood, or PVC? We investigate exactly what the differences are to help you make an informed choice.

Wooden Shutters

wooden shutters


Of course, wooden shutters are the more traditional option. Some take this as enough of a reason to avoid more synthetic versions – that rustic, authentic look can be difficult to achieve without real wood. Wood is also a natural insulator, helping to keep more heat in your home, as well as being naturally strong, helping to keep your home more secure. With the right care and treatment, wooden shutters can last for years to come, providing a beautiful, robust finish to your home.

However, as with all wooden products, the material has its drawbacks. For example, wood deteriorates as it ages, naturally warping and even cracking.This means it needs relatively regular maintenance to keep it in prime condition, such as polishing, painting or staining to keep the surface smooth and free of imperfections. Equally, it does not cope well with water or damp, so the more resilient pvc shutters would be a better idea for areas like the bathroom or kitchen, and might even be the better choice in your conservatory of it is prone to condensation.

PVC Shutters

pvc shutters

PVC shutters are not only more resistant to moisture, they also offer higher fire resistant qualities. They are cheaper, easier to clean, and quicker to manufacture than wooden shutters. Therefore, PVC might be the simplest option if you are renovating your home on a deadline or budget. Plus, many PVC shutters offer extra security, as they are created with more efficient locking points, so are much harder for a burglar to penetrate.

However, PVC shutters can only be made up to certain widths, as the vinyl material cannot support itself on a bigger scale, thus the stronger wooden shutters would be necessary for very large windows. Also, PVC shutters will come as one, stock colour and you will have to replace the whole set if you fancy a change. In contrast, wood can be stained, painted, or have a new finish applied, so may represent a more versatile material aesthetically. So, if having a unique style is important to you, you may find a greater range within wooden shutters.

Environmental Impact  

In terms of manufacture, it could be argued that using wood is a more sustainable material (if sourced correctly) and wooden shutters are produced in a more environmentally friendly way than their PVC counterparts. Not only that, but once they reach the end of their life, wooden shutters can be disposed of without causing damage to the environment, so many would argue the extra cost is well worth it.


The reduced price of PVC, doesn’t necessarily mean reduced quality, and the higher cost of wooden shutters, doesn’t always mean you’ll be getting more for you money. Whenever you choose, it’s essential you do thorough research as product quality varies massively between vendors.


So, the advice appears to be that each type of shutter has its place. Wooden shutters may be the best investment if you are prepared to look after them properly, and cannot cope without real wood. But, if your need something waterproof and slightly cheaper, PVC versions are probably for you.

Regardless of material, make sure you inspect your new shutters before you part with your money. A poor finish, base material, or sloppy workmanship can really ruin a nice set of shutters, and you and your home deserve the best.


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