The Best Blinds to Enhance Your Conservatory this Autumn

conservatory blinds
Conservatories are a welcome addition to any home, providing a tranquil retreat where the family can relax and enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather. However, conservatories are a big investment so it’s important that you are able to enjoy them in all seasons, including the cooler and wetter autumnal months. Choosing the ideal blinds for this space is a vital decision, as they enhance the conservatory experience and influence the temperature and light levels. But with many different types of blinds on offer, it’s difficult to know what to choose. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide to the best blinds to enhance your conservatory this autumn.



Can be adjusted to roll up and down a window, helping to control light levels, particularly when the sun is moving across the sky.

Some materials can fully block the sun, offering good insulating properties

They can be fully retracted for ease of cleaning.

Available in many colours and patterns to complement the decor the rest of your conservatory.


May fade in exposure to full sun, which is a drawback for a regularly sunlit space.

Insects also have a tendency to become trapped in roller blinds.



Aluminium venetian blinds offer great privacy, whilst not impeding the view too much. This is a beneficial feature in autumn; the view becomes more valuable when family members don’t venture outside as often.

The thick, movable slats result in good insulation and easy-to-control light entry

Do not discolour, unlike fabric blinds.

Usually quite lightweight, so should not put too much strain on the window frames.


Wood is not recommended for conservatories, as they can warp in the heat. PVC is also not ideal as they may melt in the warmer months. This limits material options, leaving you with aluminium as your only, suitable choice.



Provide excellent light control and decent insulation.

Not too heavy, so will not stress the window frames.

Simple to clean compared to other fabric blinds.

The slats can be replaced very cheaply if they fade or become damaged.


Like with many fabric blinds, they are liable to fade over time.



These innovative perfect fit blinds do not require any drilling or screwing, leaving your window frames blemish free. The blinds simply slide into special brackets that have been placed between the glass and the window beading. This makes their installation quick, easy and less damaging to the window frames.

There is usually a huge range of styles and colours available, from roller to slatted. Why not choose a neutral colour that complements brighter summer interiors, as well as warmer autumn decors? Ask your chosen blinds company about what they have to offer.

Usually boast a high thermal efficiency, keeping you warm in the approaching autumn months.

Their close fit to the windows means there are no gaps at the edges.


If you’re self-installing, the process may be different to what you may be used to.

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