Top 3 Interior Designs from the Ideal Home Show 2015

Ideal Home Show 2015

The Ideal Home Show is one of the most popular interior design showcases in the UK, and has become an annual event firmly entrenched in the calendar of professional interior designers and amateurs home decorators alike.

This year was no exception, and with such a wide array of inspirations and innovations on display, we thought we’d share our favourite 3 design trends of the Ideal Home Show 2015.


The Gap House

One of the 3 show homes at the event was the cosy Gap House, that demonstrated how even in the most builtup and urban of areas, everyone can create a spacious, homely feel. This was one of the most practical ideas on display and featured a tiny home, only 3 meters wide (about the width of most garages!), that had been imagined to fit in the space between two new-build homes.

The designer had used some clever features and lighting to exaggerate the light within each room, as well as multi-functional and convertible furniture and space-saving appliances to ensure the end result was stylish as well as functional.

Whilst the floor layouts were all open plan, they’d used created zones or areas to split the space into recognisable rooms. The bedroom could be re-purposed as a study, with simple bi-fold doors used to split space when required. In the kitchenette corner, the inclusion of shiny surfaces that reflected light made the space seemed much bigger than it really was.

Kingston Blinds Recommends:

venetian blinds

In small rooms, every little bit of space and light counts, so to make the most of the natural light but maintain privacy (another thing that is essential in built-up, urban areas, where people pass by the windows) we recommend Venetian blinds. The slats can be angled to allow in plenty of sunshine, but keep out prying eyes. They can also be installed to sit within the window recess to ensure they don’t take up any unnecessary space outside of the window.


2. The Future Proof House

This show home is easily the most innovative, combining energy saving initiatives and thermal efficient building techniques to create a low cost, efficient and stylish home.

As part of this, the home features passive technologies that decrease the amount of energy that can leak from the home, helping it to retain more heat.

• 240mm mineral wool insulation built in to panels of the building

• triple-glazed, argon-filled windows

• precision engineering to create airtight joints and bonds

• solar voltaic panels

The home was built in a factory and assembledon site with most of its energy efficient features integrated from the beginning. This is called the ‘fabric first’ approach, which means it has been primarily designed to suit the changing needs of a family, rather than to maintain energy efficiency.

Kingston Blinds Recommends:

window shutters

If energy efficiency is important to you and you want to limit the heat loss through your windows, there are options you can choose to achieve this. For example, window shutters create an added layer of insulation as the wooden frames and slats act as a natural insulator to keep the heat in. Alternatively, you could choose a more low cost option, such as insulated roman blinds, that feature a heavy layer of fabric that traps the heat in and reduces drafts.


3. The Home for Life

The Home for Life feature had a truly striking design, ideal for almost any surroundings to make the most of the views – perfect for homes in beautiful landscapes. The home showcased an angular, contemporary design which maximises natural light with a spectacular glazed façade.

The house is modular so can be simply deconstructed and transported, or reconfigured to adapt to changes in the environment or to the requirements of the owner – no easy feat for 2000 square feet of design that includes 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms!

Kingston Blinds Recommends:

If you have large windows and want to make the most of your views, whether you’re overlooking the countryside or a striking city scape, it’s essential you choose the best window dressings. Roller blinds are simply fixed to the top of the window above the frame, so when you roll them up they do not impact on the space at all. There’s no frames or runners down the sides of the windows so you can enjoy an unobscured view of your surroundings. You can also choose a blackout roller blind, so you can have them installed on large bedrooms windows, without the worry of being woken by the sun in the early hours.

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