Top Tips for Beautiful Bay Window Blinds

bay window blinds

Bay windows are an elegant window design that allow a room to be flooded with natural light and made to feel much more spacious. However, finding the right blind for these big windows can leave homeowners puzzled, and we’re often asked how to find the right blind for the sharp angles and unique shape of bay windows. The team here at Kingston Blinds have put together some of our suggestions for the best blinds for bay windows to help you get the most of the feature.

Always opt for made-to-measure

When dealing with bay windows, it is always recommended that you opt for made-to-measure blinds to ensure that your blinds fit into the window panes properly and don’t overlap or knock into one another in the corners. Budget blinds only come in the most popular window sizes, meaning that the likelihood of them fitting into the dimensions of your bay window is slim. Made-to-measure blinds will provide a snug fit that makes the window look more upmarket, and ensures that the blind fits into the allotted mount space properly, guaranteeing the blind will function with ease.

Perfect fit blinds

The dimensions of the inside mount space of a bay window is usually much thinner than a standard window, making some blinds completely unsuitable. Perfect fit blinds don’t require mounting, they fit inside the window frame on a series of clasps for a smooth and seamless finish, making them perfect for bay windows.

Roller blinds

The real beauty of a bay window lies with the amount of light they let into the room, so it’s important you make the most of this feature. A roller blind will allow you ultimate control over the light entering your room as you can simply raise and lower the blind to suit your needs.

Another benefit of roller blinds is that they are mounted outside of the window frame, so work well with the diminished mount space.

Vertical blinds

A vertical blind is a great option for those of you with rounded bay windows as the rail of a vertical blind can be curved, which allows for one continuous blind to be installed rather than multiple small blinds for each window section. This is favoured by some homeowners as it allows for easier usage; the blinds can be drawn, tilted and adjusted using one wand rather than having to be operated individually.Design

To maintain the classic beauty of a bay window, we’d recommend that you stick to simple design styles and colours. Crisp whites, faux wood and block colours offer perfect accentuation to the window without drawing attention away from the beautiful feature.

Kingston Blinds have a range of perfect fit , vertical and roller blinds in stunning colours and fabrics to perfectly finish your beautiful bay windows. All of our blinds are made to measure to ensure the best possible fit for the shape and size of your bay window, and our professional fitters guarantee a perfect installation, every time. So, if you’re looking for the best blind for your home, look no further than Kingston Blinds. Contact us here for more information on any of our products and services.

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