Why Are Vertical Blinds So Popular?

vertical blinds
The blind is a window covering that serves as a modern, functional alternative to the traditional curtain. In this modern world, they’re the ideal finish to a contemporary living space, and vertical blinds in particular have seen resurgence in recent years.

What Makes Blinds Different?

The changing times have been favourable for blinds, with their customisability, affordability and functionality, making them an ideal option for modern living spaces. But what makes them functional and customisable, and how do they compare with the traditional curtains.

Functionality of Blinds

Whether you’re using blinds or curtains, you always want to have control over the level of light in a room and the privacy your window dressings provide. With curtains, the type you choose will determine the amount of light that shines through and therefore the level of privacy you can enjoy.

Blinds, on the other hand, have an unbeatable functionality that allows you to adjust how much light enters a room whilst still maintaining any desired privacy. A slight adjustment of a cord will move the blind slats in such a way that extra light can enter whilst still obscuring the view from outside.

In the specific case of vertical blinds, the functional advantage of using this type of blind lies in the ease with which you are able to open and close the slats, using a simple pull cord. Also, the fact that they can open like curtains means you can have them in front of sliding doors.

Maintaining Blinds

Much like curtains, you would need to clean blinds once every month or so. However, to clean large curtains would require an industrial washing machine or dry cleaning service, whereas with blinds it’s much simpler as they only need dusting. Vertical blinds also have the advantage of collecting less dust because the slats are vertical.


Blinds are a familiar sight in commercial settings such as offices and businesses, giving a sophisticated and professional appearance. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is the only look they can provide, but recent times have shown us that you can do a great deal in terms of style and design with blinds, and this is the appeal for many residential owners.

Whatever the look you’re going for with a room, you can choose materials, design, patterns and styles that fit within your price range. For a contemporary look, you could opt for fashionable aluminium blinds to complement a modern space, or warm, material slats for a homely feel.

A Made-to-Measure Service

Taking into consideration the reasons explained above, it’s easy to identify why blinds, especially the vertical kind, have become fashionable.

We design, measure and fit blinds for our customers, providing the perfect finishing touch to newly designed living spaces. Our designers are on hand and available to help with advice on design tips and ideas, and professional fitters can help install your new blinds as this process is troublesome compared to fitting curtains.

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