What are the Best Blinds for Large Windows?

Large windows are an attractive feature for any home, so it’s important to have window dressings that complement them. Big windows can showcase the view outside and allow light to filter through into your interior spaces. While it’s nice to enjoy the open, well-lit benefits of a larger window, they still require covering with blinds for both privacy reasons and to control light and heat levels in your home. But you may be wondering what are the best blinds for large windows, and how to appropriately dress windows that are abnormally tall or wide.

Avoid bulky blinds
Materials that are heavy or bulky may not be a wise choice for more sizable windows, as this can create a hefty look that may be awkward to control and adjust. Larger expanses of glass also require more material to cover them, and the operating systems that raise and lower them may have to be adapted if the material is especially heavy or if there is lots of it. Lighter and sheerer blinds may be preferable, such as solar blinds, as they completely cover the window, blocking out the glare of the sunlight while still allowing you to enjoy the view.

Vertical blinds
vertical blinds

If you have a tall window, such as the one leading onto your patio, then vertical blinds could be the perfect choice to complement its long length. The vertical slats are easily cleaned, and can comfortably be drawn to one side should you need to access your garden. They also boast a sleek modern look that is perfect if you are aiming for a clean, contemporary decor for your home.
Venetian blinds
Venetian blinds

With adjustable horizontal slats, Venetian blinds are ideal for granting users control of heat and light levels within a room. This is a desirable feature in both the summer and the winter, and can also save you money on energy bills. Not only this, but they are also sturdy and can maintain their shape across large areas, which is perfect for windows that are especially wide. And if you want to achieve a more traditional, timeless aesthetic then selecting Venetian blinds made from faux-wood can give you the classic look you’re searching for.
Roller and Roman blinds


Both of these styles feature a solid sheet of fabric hanging over a window which can be rolled up and down the glass via a cord or motorised system. This style offers less light control than other options, and also may not be the best choice for larger windows. This is because you may have to place several blinds next to each other to cover the entire width of a wide window, and aligning the side-by-side patterns can be tricky. In addition, the mechanisms that operate roller and roman blinds will have to be assessed as the increased weight of the large blinds may affect the smooth operation of certain mechanisms.

Made to measure blinds

Advances in the blinds industry mean that virtually any size and shape of window can be accommodated for. Bespoke blinds are now the way forward in many respects, with most window dressing companies offering this tailored service, granting you far more flexibility in your decorating choices.

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