What Are the Best Types of Blinds for a School?

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Due to the abundance of children present, choosing blinds for a school requires more stringent considerations than would be needed for an office or home.

At Kingston Blinds we offer extensive variations of blinds styles, materials and colour. The sheer amount of choice available can often lead to indecisiveness, and this can be magnified when choosing for an establishment as important as a school. Luckily, the team at Kingston Blinds has put together this article, detailing what we believe are the best type of blinds for a school.


Blinds come in a wide range of styles. From classic roman blinds to more modern twist/vision blinds, each variety of blind operates in a different way. When it comes to which blinds are best for schools, there are two main things to consider when deciding on style.

The first is safety. Safety is the number one priority for every area of a school, and blinds are no exception. When considering which blind styles are most suitable, you need to be considering those without looped, hanging cords, as these can be potential hazards in an environment full of energetic children.

The second consideration is durability. Kids are playful creatures, and it’s important to choose a blind style that is robust and long-lasting.

With these considerations in mind, we believe the best blinds style for a school are electric roller blinds. Roller blinds are particularly durable as they have a minimal amount of moving parts. Unfortunately, roller blinds often come with hanging cables, so as an added safety precaution, we believe you should choose electric/automated roller blinds over standard ones. Electric blinds substitute dangerous cords for smooth, automated movement.


There are many different fabrics that can be used with roller blinds – many with various features themselves. ‘Blackout blinds’ feature a PVC material coated in a ‘blackout’ lining to prevent light from entering a room. PVC blackout blinds posses a host of benefits; the PVC material is made from a highly durable synthetic plastic and is fire retardant. The ‘blackout’ feature can be particularly advantageous as it prevents glare from hitting whiteboards or projectors. This will help to utilise focus and deliver an optimum classroom experience.


The colour you choose for your blinds will greatly depend on the individual colour scheme, tone and interior of your classroom. An alternative option to a certain colour is choosing a design that can actually enhance your pupil’s learning. Kingston Blinds are a proud manufacturer of ‘Edublinds’. These blinds feature educational images, ranging from helping to understand basic numbers and colours to illustrating the internal components of a computer. Introducing Edublinds into a classroom not only brighten up the room with various colours but also transforms your window into a fun, educational tool.

Overall, when it comes to safety, function, durability and enhancing productivity, electric roller blinds, blackout blinds and Edublinds are our picks for the best blinds for a school. We do recognise, however, that each school is different and may have personal requirements that may suit other blinds better. Our team are experts in the blinds industry and are happy to discuss and recommend all our products and services to give you the best personal blinds solutions. Give us a call today or fill in an online contact form to hear more.

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