Which Blinds Are Best for Keeping You Warm This Winter?

Winter is coming.

And while our blinds may not be able to save you from a dragon attack, they can save you money on your heating bill. Our blinds can be customised with a wide variety of styles and fabrics, each offering varying levels of insulation. This article is going to guide you on which combinations are best for keeping you warm this winter.

Pleated blinds/Honeycomb blinds
pleated blinds

For many, pleated blinds, specifically those that come in the honeycomb variety, are an unexpected inclusion on this list. The material they house is typically quite thin, but the unique design of honeycomb blinds actually provides a significant function in reducing heat loss. It is nicknamed the ‘honeycomb blind’ because of the honeycomb-like shape of each of its layered slats. Usually, warm air will come into contact with cool windows or doors, become cool itself, and then continue circulating around the room, causing a cold environment. The three dimensional design of honeycomb blinds traps air in its slats, preventing this process from happening and keeping the room warm.

Wooden blinds
wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are often touted as making a room feel warmer due to their natural aesthetic. This is no illusion, however. Wooden blinds, or faux wooden blinds, do in fact tackle cold weather better than other styles due to the natural thickness of their slats.

Blackout fabric
blackout blinds

Blackout blinds are regularly used to prevent light from filtering into a room. This is achieved partly by the true black colour and partly by the added thickness of the fabric. This thicker material provides insulation as well as light blockage; it acts as a barrier, preventing cold air entering the room from the outside, as well as stopping warm air escaping from the inside.

Perfect Fit blinds
perfect fit blinds

Optimum insulation can’t be achieved through materials or styles alone. It is also vital that a blind is fits snugly into the recess to prevent any side gaps from occurring. Side gaps provide an opening for cold air to enter and warm air to escape from. Perfect Fit blinds rectify this issue; they utilise all the given space within the recess to block air moving between room and window. ‘Perfect Fit’ can be applied to any blinds type, material, style or design, and we highly recommend ordering through a reputable supplier that can install your Perfect Fit blinds with pinpoint precision.

Here at Kingston Blinds, we offer a made-to-measure fitting service with all our blinds for a premium fit. Not only will this service make your blinds look aesthetically flawless, but they’ll also help you keep warm this winter — and save you money in the process. We offer free home visits and free installations to help you achieve this, just call our expert team today and we’ll be happy to help.

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