Why are twist vision / day and night blinds so popular?

twist vision day and night blinds
Twist vision blinds, also known as day and night blinds, are unique window solutions that are made up of two layers of fabric. The top layer has blocks of colour and the other is transparent. These two fabrics play a vital part in their ‘day and night’ name. The transparent layer works as the ‘day blind’ because it allows light through and into the home, whereas the block colour is considered to be the ‘night blind’ as it blocks the light from entering. This month, Kingston Blinds are here to discuss why twist vision blinds are becoming so popular in countless properties.

How do they work?

The two layers of twist vision blinds can be altered separately, to allow for optimal lighting. If you require shade, simply maneuver the coloured layer into place – and to enjoy the daylight, simply shift the coloured blind so that you’re left with the transparent layer. The great thing about the transparent layer is that it helps to reduce glare and harsh sun rays, so you can enjoy the light without feeling uncomfortable. With twist vision blinds, you can enjoy all, none or partial lighting – depending on the weather and your mood.

Reasons why day and night blinds are so popular:

Twist vision blinds are insulating

Day and night blinds can insulate your home perfectly in both the summer and winter. The two layers work even better than normal blinds because they can trap and retain the heat between the two materials, helping to keep your home warm and cool – depending on the time of year.

Twist vision blinds help to cut down your energy bills

If your home is well insulated by your window solutions, you’re less likely to use your heating and air conditioning as often because your twist vision blinds are helping to maintain the perfect temperature inside the home.

Twist vision blinds are modern and stylish

Choose your twist vision blinds from a whole range of colours and embrace their ultra-modern style. Say goodbye to your old, worn out blinds and enjoy the simplicity and sleek finish that day and night blinds have to offer you.

Twist vision blinds offer impeccable light control

Throughout the summer it can be tough shutting out the sun by closing the blinds – just for a bit of shade – but with day and night blinds, you needn’t compromise. These blinds are incredibly flexible and offer you all the light control you need to make your relaxing nights in just that little bit more comfortable. Eliminate the glare on your TV during movie night – simply adjust your blinds, sit back and relax!

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