Why Shutters are the Perfect Window Accessory for Summer

The warm weather brings everyone outside, but unfortunately, it also brings the heat inside and sends our air conditioning bills soaring. Shutters are a familiar fixture of Mediterranean countries, but they can be hugely beneficial to the British home too. The features that have made them so popular abroad are also ideal to tackle the problems presented by the sweltering summer, along with the most bitter parts of winter, possessing the potential to reduce both air con and heating bills.

Want to know more? Here’s why shutters are the perfect window accessory for summer.

Energy efficiency

This summer season doesn’t have to be cruel to your pocket. Shutters are thicker than fabrics and help to keep things cool by creating a physical barrier to keep the heat out and cold in. This increases the energy efficiency of your home, assisting in lowering your bills all year round.

Block the brightness

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter. Shutters help to keep out the glare of the sun, keeping your home shaded and preventing the harmful UV rays from fading any furniture or other delicate items in your home. The adjustable slats also allow you to choose just how much light you want to filter through into the interior.

Keep it breezy

A pleasant breeze is a welcome treat in the peak of summer, and because of the movable slats, shutters allow you to control airflow throughout your home with ease. This keeps the fresh air circulating, meaning you don’t need the aircon blasting out to maintain a cool home.

Take back control

The beauty of shutters is how much control and flexibility they offer a user. In the stifling temperatures, we want to let air in but may be concerned about preserving our privacy. Shutter slats can be controlled by the homeowner, allowing them to be totally or partially opened to allow in the desired amount of light and air while still guarding your privacy. But if you want to enjoy the view, then slats can be opened completely or the shutter can be folded away from the window entirely, both of which provide visibility.

Summer style

In addition to their numerous benefits to the temperature and light levels of your home, shutters also have an attractive aesthetic, and are available in both PVC and wood to suit any interior. PVC offers a clean look, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, while wood offers a more homely, rustic look, perfect for a living room or bedroom.

Easy clean

It takes just one quick sweep of a duster to clean your shutters. Also, dust doesn’t build up as much on shutters as it does on fabrics, making them an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies.

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