Why You Should Invest in a Garden Awning This Summer


If you haven’t already purchased an awning for your home, you are missing out. Awnings are a fantastic, versatile product that can help you and your family enjoy more time outdoors, no matter the weather.

Awnings are particularly useful in the summer, when the stuffy evenings and bright days have us desperate for some cool air. To help convince you of the benefits further, the team here at Kingston Blinds have put together our top 6 reasons why you should invest in a garden awning this summer.

Catch some shade

While we can’t promise you a glorious, sunny summer, the chances are that we will have some bright days over the course of the summer months, and in the eventuality it is more than likely that you will want to make the most of the warm weather by spending time in your garden. While this is a fantastic way to unwind, spending too long in the sun can be harmful, from small-scale sunburn through to heatstroke, to worse, an increased risk of skin cancer. However, with an awning you can benefit from the warm weather without putting your health at risk – the awning will provide plenty of shade for you to sit comfortably and safely, and as an added bonus, you can read your books or magazines without straining your eyes in the harsh light!


Even in the summer months, a bit of a downpour is to be expected in Britain. However, rain doesn’t guarantee cooler temperatures, and a hot, rainy evening can feel very muggy and uncomfortable. With an awning, you can still enjoy a breath of fresh air and cool down outdoors without worrying about getting wet; your awning will be fully waterproof and can create a very relaxing environment to listen to the rain.

Create more living space

Whether it’s because you have a growing family or you simply want to entertain guests, sometimes our homes can feel a bit too cramped, and this is where an awning can be particularly useful. It allows for part of your garden to double as living space, with outside furniture such as a dining area or some comfortable outdoor chairs and sofas providing enough seating and space for everyone. Furthermore, by moving your guests outside, you’re less likely to become hot and stuffy by overcrowding one indoor room!

Save some energy – and some money!

Having an awning on your home can actually save you money during summer. An awning will shade the exterior wall and window of your home from the sun, reducing the likelihood of solar gain raising the inside temperature of your home, and thereby reducing your need for air conditioning and your energy consumption.

Dine alfresco

Nothing screams summer more than a barbeque, and with a canopy, not only can you cook your barbeque no matter the weather forecast, you can also have a nice, cosy environment to sit and enjoy your food.

Improve your home’s appearance
Finally, an awning is an attractive and versatile addition to any home which can make the exterior of your property much more attractive, and can even boost your home’s kerb appeal and thereby add value to your property.

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